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Interview with Lenka Junová    e-vernisaz.cz/2018/10/31/napojeni-na-dusi/

Common vernissage Radek jeroným Meduna and Markéta Aglaia Kočková

Joint opening of two artists .... Radek Jeroným Meduna - oil painting, Markéta Aglaia Kočková - wax painting ..  We are both very spiritually focused and it is also visible in our work.  Radek works with the connection to humanoids and the universe himself. With his work, he...


Beautiful cafe where you can see my pictures all year round. We took this space as a sales gallery with the café. You can go for a great coffee, sit in the clean energies of this wonderful space, which we have supported by the energy of my paintings. Definitely go to smell the peace, beauty and...