My name is AGLAIA (Markéta Meduna Kočková) 

Painting and creative activity has been my great hobby since early childhood. I always wanted to paint things and how I feel about them, not how they look. I started to paint portraits, and around them I created a kind of colorful aura that was interesting, but insufficient for my needs and desires. So I was looking for another method or technique that would be effective for my previously unaware intention. I gradually left the creation because my first daughter, work and routine duties came.  

On the way of self-knowledge and self-improvement, I met very beautiful and strange people who, with my support and confidence, pushed me in my hidden abilities and gifts that I had worn for a long time. 

I did not have a smooth life without obstacles and I was forced to work very intensively on my internal processes. It has led me to a period when I was running a tearoom and helping to develop myself and others. I had various activities, lectures and vernissages that I did not, but the people I invited. I provided other people with space for their self-realization and their vision for the benefit of others. Until one day a nice lady came in to ask me to post their pictures. I agreed and gave her space. It was a sort of abstract creation that totally enlightened me. 

At that moment I knew it was just what I was looking for all my life. I interviewed Mrs. What it is and immediately signed up for the ENKAUSTICS course. 

I also completed a tutorial course and started work. First paper, then wood and then I got to the screen. I understand that beeswax is the deepest and liveliest instrument that could come to me. For about twelve years I have been working with the energy and feelings that pass through me. I feel human processes, energies and feelings that vibrate my being vibration. And this technique allows these processes to be captured. No one will ever make a copy of the image. Neither myself !!!  

In this, this method is very original and irreplaceable in my eyes. It works with hot wax and this material forms with you. It depends on the application of the hand, the softness or the hardness you put into it at that moment. Therefore no one will do the same griff or move. That's the magic and the essence of this amazing material. 

Then when you add experience, open perception, and deeply developed intuition, then the work is in the world. 

Wax painting is a very powerful and effective experience for me. Just knowing that it is one of the oldest techniques on Earth is very fulfilling. The purpose of my paintings is to open the way for the light and healing energy through my Soul and transfer it through the hands to the space I work with. I paint pictures intuitively, but also on demand according to your needs. I try to open and receive the energy for you. 

The images radiate a healing power that will enhance the development of your inner kingdom. Every being is beautiful inside and has the right to shine open wherever he appears. I work open and connected with the information field and pass on everything that is needed at the moment. I use various background materials.Canvas of various sizes, but it is possible to choose wood or wax paper, which we enclose in the mount. 

I borrowed the name AGLAIA from Greek mythology. The intention is to use the archetypal formula of one of God's daughters, empathize with him and use it for the benefit of each of us. AGLAIA was the bearer of Light and Beauty. This ENERGY now flows through my PICTURES home to you. With Deep Humility and Love Your AGLAIA. 




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