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Cooperation with ing. Pavel Krejčí South India - Library of palm leaves 


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South India - Library of palm leaves. Ing. Pavel Krejčí 

A man who succeeded in bringing palm leaf readers from South India to Europe for the first time in 2010, a traveler, therapist and a Zen creator. 

… Imagine that some 6, 7 thousand years ago, the "Septha rishies" (seven sages) wrote down the fates of several thousand people in palm leaf scrolls, who will come to the palm leaf library in the future to ask their fate. 


In 2009, I went to India to visit the palm leaf library and have a palm leaf search. Imagine "just" imprinting my right thumb, and in a few tens of minutes my head, palm leaf read, said exactly my date of birth, my name, my parents' names, and then started reading my palm leaf. I wanted to bring this mystery to Europe, but the readers were not interested in traveling from India. They said we lived for years in totalitarianism, and it would take a long time to wake up spiritually ?! I asked the reader to open his letter and wonder, the name Pavel was there, and also the information that he could bring palm leaves to Europe. In June 2010, it succeeded for the second time. Many people were even allowed to connect to Akash, their life plan and learn what I can do for my karmic purification and the happy life of this incarnation, even without a journey to India, through skajpa.